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Discover Your Potential with Ms. Cindy Gilman, CHC  Spiritual – Intuitive

From today on and for everyones safety. All sessions will be conducted by phone. We will include a discount! Stay safe and well, Cindy

The popularity of spirituality is definitely on the rise. There is a strong resurgence of interest in matters of the soul. 

Researchers found that most people, within their lifetime, have experienced some type of intuitive or precognitive experience. What is used to be considered coincidence, we now know as “synchronicity.”

Most people want happiness, love and contentment.

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Spiritual communication with lost loved ones.

For bereavement comfort please contact Cindy Gilman at 401.885.4115 or book an appointment.

Phone sessions are approx. 1 hour. Phone sessions can be booked by by phone or email. Keep a pad and pen with you to take notes. 



Energy travels whether at a distance or in person. Cindy connects with the universal source and highest spiritual source as a channel for healing. This affects  issues of the mind body and spirit of the soul.

Communicating with the spirits of the people you knew in life who have crossed over to the Other Side.


To book a session  there are two types of sessions- in office or phone sessions. In office sessions are approximately One hour. To book a reading call 40l 885.4ll5. 


Cindy uses a holistic, hypnosis, and meditation to help clients break free from limiting fears, anxieties, pains and addictions. She has taught and led small groups and individuals and seen positive results.

Cindy works with clients who have gone through loss with a form of spiritual grief counseling. Helping them understand that our loved ones watch over us and send certain signs to let us know they are here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A medium is a person who uses they’re intuition to communicate with people who are in the spirit world. Mediums are the mediators between those in the spirit world and those in the living. 

Everything that is discussed during a session with Cindy is private. Everything that is discussed with her clients is confidential.

Sessions range from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes in length. Clients can call the office for pricing details: 401.885.4115 or via email.

For information or to book an appointment: 401.885.4115

Phone Sessions for out-of-state clients are available. All individual sittings are professional and confidential.

Cindy Gilman, CHC

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